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I purchased a 2004 Audi A6 a few years back and it turned out to be a wonderful car I enjoy driving it and I kept up with maintenance and repair but the transmission had a problem and I took it to a few different shops first the dealer he gave me a price that was just outrageous. I then went to a local transmission shop that quoted me a rice of $4800 to $5,200. Finally I took it to Aamco Transmissions on South Bell Boulevard and was given a price of $1400 $1,500. I had a friend who kept telling me that it was no way they could possibly do it for that kind of money. The manager (Zach) was very helpful he informed me of the procedure and that there were different options that I could use for financing and that he would work with me on the price. I'm keeping my eye on the price because it had a good engine I also had a lot of work done on the front end so I know that the car will get at least another hundred thousand miles. I just picked up the car the other day and it runs so well the transmission shifts just perfect. Now I'm not a big fan of doing Yelp reviews but I was so satisfied with the work and the attitude that Zack had that I just felt I had to give credit where credit was due. Initially when I had the transmission problem I was just going to discount the price and sell the car well I have a different frame of mind today there ain't no way I'm selling the car I'm going to keep it because it rides well and with the transmission fix along with a 3 year 36,000 mile warantee and with the financing that Zach helped me with, how can I lose? I don't know what the other company that offered to fix my transmission for $4800 to $5200 was going to do with that extra $3,700 so I have to say thanks to Zach for saving me $3700 bucks anyhow. And once again yes I would recommend to friends and family if they had transmission work that needs to be done they better go over and see my buddy Zack over at Aamco Transmissions on South Bell Boulevard

Anonymous | Mar 2018